The properties that are purchased by the investors and then placed for the rent are the residential properties. These are away from the industrial areas and are only meant for business purposes and generating revenue. This trend is increasing day by day and people are saving a lot from placing a property for rent.


Keeping a residential property can be quite beneficial because people are aware of the idea of renting a property for living and of course both locals and the foreigners rent a property at some point of life. Of course, those who are moving from their home countries to the other for a job they have to rent a house. They have no other option. For the locals, it can be temporary, as they might have visited a place for a small period and they want to live in a very home-like place or they have moved there because of the jobs they have in that particular city. 

Legal matters:

There are of course, certain legal matters that are required to fulfil to secure the rights of both landlord and the renters. These legal matters include everything from the contracts to the tax payment and all. By the contract, we meant the contract between the landlord and the tenant, which is a proof the landlord is allowing the tenant to live the space and tenant is going to pay for it a decided amount on a monthly bases. 


When you are a landlord and you are deciding the amount for the rent, be sure to keep in mind that from the income you have to pay your property tax as the property exists on your name and that is why you are generating the money from it. So, when you are calculating your yearly profit be sure you are deducting the property tax from it. 

Managements of all the matters:

Of course, when you are putting houses for rent then there are several matters to look for, like, collecting the rent, paying the tax, making sure your renters are comfortable in your place and they have no issues, maintenance of the property and more. All these are the matters you have to manage to keep the revenue continuously generating.

These real estate rentals in Geelong can be handled easily without any stress if you hire us, the fresh property management group. 

We not only take care of the rights of the landlords but also the tenants. We are experienced in managing the students and the families both. Whether the renting is of an entire apartment or a single room, we will help you manage them both with ease and the only thing landlord has to do is collect the money in his saving and the tenants, tenants’ are enjoying a comfortable stay in the building they have to opt for.

The Residential Property