The job of safety signage is to ensure that all those using the traffic are safe and sound. It is the illustrated version of the rules and regulations set by the authorities to direct how to ride and what to do. These signs mention which way to go, which direction to follow, condition of road and other influencing factors. Safety signage in Adelaide is classified into different types and categories that are named according to their specific purpose.

  1. Regulatory signs are meant to tell about the rules and regulations. They are mostly made in rectangular shape except for those directing to stop, follow the roundabout or asking to make way for the rest. The text on the board is written on eye catching but light colours so that they are visible from a distance as well. The popular signs used include turning left or right, forbidding to go in a particular direction, lanes available and similar.
  2. Warning signs

As the name indicates these signs are meant to tell that there is some risk awaiting. These diamond shaped signs have black text written on the yellow boards. There are specialized signs, pictures and diagrams to tell which precautions to follow. These signs tell about changing conditions, construction sites, and any other risk factors that might hinder your activity on the road.

  1. Advisory Signs

These signs are meant for suggesting ways to handle different situation. Either it is a single sign or a combo of multiple signs working together. They direct about the speed levels, weather conditions and so prepare the drivers for a particular condition that is likely to exist while being on the road.

  1. Stock signs

This is a sign to let you know that there is life other than yours moving on the road. Usually such signs are placed near the places which have animals like the farms and the barn. They are made in triangular shape so they look different and unique from the others. Go here for more information about line marking.

  1. Variable message signs

These signs are a kind of electronic signage that is placed alongside the road in conditions where the visibility is poor. They are used usually in foggy conditions, or when there is some traffic jam so that the message is conveyed clearly to the drivers.

  1. Temporary roadwork signs

These signs as the name refers are of temporary nature. They are placed for a short duration whenever it is required. The purpose is to tell the drivers that some unusual thing like construction is happening on their regular route and so they need to be really careful. The drivers are asked to slow down or speed up or follow some alternative route to reach the destination.

Types Of Road Signs