Road Traffic Safety


Mornings, afternoons, evenings; different timings encounter different types of crowd and vehicles, but roads are the same, the busiest areas in any country encountering crowds of people and vehicles using these roads to reach their destinations. Connecting towns and cities with roads, every country has a set of rules and regulations for managing road safety, the sole purpose of which is to protect the population from accidents.

Driving rules for road safety awareness

Some basic points are to be considered by drivers in order to be safe and protected from accidents, and not following these can get you a penalty/ticket.

  • To follow road safety pavement markers in the form of road signs, especially in circle shape
  • Having a driving license
  • Not use mobile device while driving
  • Seat belt being mandatory for the driver and the person sitting in front
  • Speed limit to be followed, avoiding over speeding in crowded areas
  • Overtaking to be done from right hand side
  • Giving proper signal when changing lane
  • Not to stop on zebra crossing
  • If learner, display the L sign
  • Not to overtake if the center line is continuous; broken white lines indicate that overtaking is allowed
  • Single yellow sign means parking not allowed
  • don’t cross when the signal is red
  • Not to drive under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • Using high beam light is normally prohibited
  • Not to start driving before the legal age i.e. 18 years

Safety rules for children

Parents can’t be with their children all the time, especially when some children walk to their school in the morning and come back in the afternoon. Therefore, they should be taught some basic rules that might help them avoid major road accidents.

  • Knowing the signals; they should be taught that green light means go, red means stop, and yellow means to slow down
  • The main rule for crossing the road i.e. first look right, then left, to see if a vehicle is coming. If yes, then wait for the vehicle to pass and then cross the road
  • Not to run on roads
  • Always use the sidewalk; whether it is a busy street or not, encourage your kid to use the sidewalk
  • Never to stick hands outside the vehicle
  • Not open the car doors suddenly as they them get into a habit of opening the doors only after you say so
  • Wear light coloured clothes or reflective material when walking or biking at night and wear bright clothes during the day.
  • Avoid crossing roads at bends, as these are often blind spots for motorcyclists
  • Avoid crossing roads between stationery vehicles
  • A walking man symbol at intersections are for pedestrians; they should cross the road only if these signs turn green, but look to the left and right to ensure no vehicles are approaching.


Following traffic rules is mandatory for the general public, to avoid road traffic accidents. Special care to be taken by drivers and parents teaching their children the basic traffic rules.

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