Storage Accommodations In Cantilever Racking Adelaide

There are numerous different racking set-ups done by utilizing different varieties of racks, pallets and planks normally seen in warehouses and storage places, like that found near shipping industries. The type of racks and the way of racks installation is governed by the provided available flooring space and the storage materials to be kept over there. One such very effective and easy approach for accommodating vertically long goods like hardware and machinery products is the cantilever racking Adelaide. This one is not composed of bays placement of racks as found on usual basis. There are mainly no vertical obstructions in the rack installation done in such racking system, therefore, can support upright all different types of bulky objects. On the other hand, long span shelving Melbourne is a light-duty weight system which can be employed for different materials ranging from light to medium weight. The racks and pallets in this particular case are made up of different densities of steel which can withstand and support items belonging from industrial and commercial backgrounds.

Cantilever racking Adelaide

The accommodation and storage of large steel pipes, tubes, boards, timbers and wooden products is performed in a slightly different type of rack system called as cantilever racking Adelaide. This type of racking is meant for positioning and placing large vertical objects with no hindrance or obstructions in between. Cantilever racking Adelaide is an ideal storage management when vertically extended materials like pipes are to be stored on racks that can be configured on single as well as double sides.

Cantilever racking Adelaide can be divided as light duty racks or medium duty racks systems. This type of approach is effective and compatible with indoor as well as outdoor storage applications with hand along with machine assisted loading technique. The arm capacity of the racks will determined the overall structural configuration of the cantilever system.

Long span shelving Melbourne

Shelves are one of the basic storage platform often found in residential to commercial locations. The shelves involved in the warehouse system of long span shelving Melbourne are long enough and can be further extended in accordance to the sizing of the stored materials. Here, shelves are manufactured of steel to make the platform stiff to bare heavy loads. Long span shelving Melbourne also utilizes wire mesh and iron particles to strengthen the steel shelves.

Long span shelving Melbourne seems to be expensive to manufacture and install but is quite economical in practice for accumulating commercial heavy goods. In terms of logistics management, long span shelves are recommended for warehouses and storage areas as these are easily accessible, comprehensive and flexible to fluctuate in length according to the length of goods.


Cantilever racking Adelaide is equipped with goods that are high in vertical positioning like steel pipes, tubes, sheets, boards etc. On the other hand, long span shelving Melbourne is installed with shelves that are used in such a way that it helps to extend in accordance to the size of the stored products.

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