What Are Different Types Of The Car Park Bollards

Car park bollards are one of the greatest ways to provide the safety in the parking lot. These have been very effective for introducing safety and are not very difficult to install and you can even install in your parking area as well. If we talk about the bollards only then there are many types but talking about car park bollards specifically, there are majorly three types in it. All these three types are effective and work well in improving the security and it completely depends on the person which one of these he wants to choose. 

Solid Bollard:

This is the type of the fixed car park bollards which are fixed permanently on the surface of the parking area. These are placed in such places where everyone is not allowed to park and therefore, it keeps the drivers away from these private parking lots. These are actually the steel bollards because these are made primarily from steel but there is a concrete filling so that these could provide more visibility and strength. These car park bollards then can be painted over in whatever manner. Although these kinds of the car park bollards are much stronger and more durable but these are not flexible because once these are installed then these cannot be moved. 

Retractable car park bollards:

Unlike the solid car park bollards or steel bollards these are not fixed in a sense that these could be move up and down and could allow certain cars to come in or to deny access of certain kind of cars. The methods which are used to move these up and down could be mechanical or sometimes manual as well and these car park bollards goes inside the ground completely when these are not required. Although now a days there are advanced computerized system which help control the movement of these best bollards. These are usually required in the areas where there is both the need of allowing access to certain cars and revoking access to others.

Flexible car park bollards:

The third and the final type is the flexible bollards. These are very much popular because these are the most affordable ones and these could be used according to the requirement of the place. Although these are not the solution when there is high security required because these are usually for the visual deterrence only as any vehicle could straight pass through it and whenever a vehicle is passed over it then these bend over. However, these make noise in such cases and alert the security. These are only used for the special events when you would want to limit the parking area to yourself temporarily.

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