Rescue Plan Is All About Preplanning

There is an old saying “if you are not planning, it means you are planning to fail” keep this saying always in mind as it’s a way path of life, it’s a key card to every single situation on job or in personal life. Talking about planning and preplanning we cannot eliminate this discussion by isolating the professional environment. Almost every organization has some rescue plans the very basic example sis: firefighting drills, fire exit and everything which is considered as the basic rescue plan which every organization can offer. Similarly there are certain jobs out there which requires proper rescue planning beforehand, a classic example is the construction site, where number of labors are working on heights, where a single mistake can cause death of the labors. Hence it is important to have a rescue team over there 24×7 without any doubt. Otherwise things may get nasty in no time.

Life is important and there should be no excuse when it comes to saving a human life or fighting for it. It’s in the law that on a construction site or any other site which involves the height exposure, the authorities must have a decided written rescue plan beforehand try this civil construction training resources. So let’s roll on to some basic points which may help an organization to prepare a complete rescue plan for the labors working on height:

Identify the hazard: it is important to know against what we are fighting, the organization must situate a separate team for the rescue which must decide things related to rescue of the workers, first thing in this race is to identify the hazard, what is the hazard, what is the reason of creating the rescue plan.

Who can be harmed: second thing is to decide who can be harmed with the hazard? Labors ok! Then what we should do in order to save the situation, if something bad happens. Remember fellows! Rescue is something which comes after the hazard or damage has been done. Rescue means to reduce the impact of the hazard, which has been done unfortunately.

Findings and implementation: note down all the findings related to the above mentioned points and pen it down properly then execute the rescue plan , each and every labor must know the drill. The authorities must make them understand every inch of this rescue system, in case of anything bad happens.

Continuous monitoring of the rescue system: this is not worth it if the authorities are not continuously monitoring the rescue plan and not updating things properly. Rescue planning is an on going process which must not be stopped even after it has been made and implemented.

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