What Is Linear Scheduling

What is linear scheduling method?

As we all know there are a lot of 1000 of methods that are made for project management but a linear scheduling method is an equipment that is used in project management in multiple different dimensions such as speed and time or distance and time. Linear scheduling method is used for those construction projects that are continuation of repetitive or multiple tasks such as bridges railway tracks and everything.

What does exactly linear scheduling method do?

Linear scheduling method schedule the works that are all in linear for example if they are making a railway and they work is repeated so for these kind of process the continuous work they use it. It is majorly used in engineering because there is a big and the large chunk of quantity work is use so they measure their relationship between the time of world and the number of the people who are doing the work.

Linear scheduling method is also used as the representation of a project timing graph it tells that which task has to start at what time and how much time is taken but to do one task. The elements of linear scheduling method are present with different coordinates in different formats for the people to use.

What are the advantages provide to a project manager by a linear scheduling method?

Everyone is very lazy these days and they look for a method that is more convenient and easier even to read and to organize so linear scheduling method is the easiest format to read and even organize.

As in every project there are a lot of stakeholders shareholders clients and many other people so communicating with each and every one on a different communication platform is very difficult by making a linear scheduling method you can tell each and everyone what and where and how good the Work will be.

One more most important component of linear scheduling method is that it’s a time location graph so you can know what time project will north and what time project will start and which activities will affect your project major lease so you manage everything according to that so that’s why linear scheduling method is a good and the go to decision for almost every project manager.

Whenever you are making a decision you have to look around all the facts and figures that is the decision helpful or nerd or there is a chance that you can make a wrong decision that can be a disaster for you so by having a linear scheduling method you can make good decision because it help you to understand what happened in your past project and what kind of crack record you guys have so you take a decision according to the linear scheduling method of the past project.

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