What Sets Our Chatswood Childcare Centre Apart?

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Our goal is to bring the wonder of possibilities into every Chatswood preschool. As youth teachers, it is our obligation to ensure that children are offered the chance to connect, fabricate connections, and appreciate their spot on the planet. We help them to form new understandings and create their own distinct identities by encouraging them to venture outside of Chatswood and seek out and make sense of the world. Our staff of skilled early childhood development specialists is committed to the holistic growth of your child. Every Chatswood child starts their educational adventure a little bit differently; therefore we have created an entire curriculum of classes that include both interactive and classroom instruction. Involving them through all of their senses—hearing, touching, tasting, and even participating—will help. Our childcare staff will be available to support and mentor your kid on their unique journey, regardless of the speed at which they explore and learn. We ensure there is a scope of regions on the grounds of our childcare community, which is helpfully near Chatswood, to advance your kid’s learning while they investigate their environmental elements. We at Ekidna Cottage Chatswood Preschool think that your child’s growth and development are strongly correlated with their diet. In addition to making sure every youngster eats a nutritious diet, it’s critical to introduce a range of vibrant vegetables for more comprehensive nutrition. By doing this, we intend to encourage kids to make healthy food and health-related decisions and to savour the flavour of freshly prepared products. Another important component of the teaching values at our crèche is sustainability. We want the kids from Chatswood who go to Ekidna’s Cottage crèche to be aware of the difference.

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A based area of strength for one of regard for the youngster, the family, and the youth calling, Ekidna Cottage has its own particular character. The methods of reasoning of Ekidna are affected by flow educating and research in Youth. Our Artarmon family day care focus draws motivation from Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Steiner instructive ways of thinking. The principles of Ekidna’s way of thinking are reliable with the conviction that kids ought to be viewed as strong, proficient people who effectively shape their own schooling. What truly recognizes Ekidna is the making of a space that backings and supports the family in general. These associations are based on common regard, trust, and a common longing for empowering children to understand their maximum capacity under the direction of instructors who are profoundly mindful about children’s learning styles and how they advance as remarkable people. Kids can now be dropped off at our family-centred preschool and Artarmon family day care offices. Since kids are this country’s future, raising and teaching them is our obsession, and we trust that thusly, we are adding to society.

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